Feel free to TL:DR this one if you wish, but I just need to vent ;-)
4 weeks after my laparoscopic surgery to remove endometriosis, my period has finally arrived. I've never been so glad to see it either.
 I had similar surgery two years ago & although they did much more work then (also removing a large degenerating fibroid as well as lifting & stitching my ovaries back into their correct place) I bounced back quickly & felt like a new woman within 2.5 weeks. I was back in work after 2 weeks that time. 
This time has been awful. I only bled for five days after the operation but have had constant period symptoms all month. Raging emotions, terrible backache and that constant roiling, clutching belly cramp that has kept me awake damn near every night despite taking pain meds. I'm meant to return to work on Monday and haven't slept right in a month. I cry at the drop of a hat, have constant belly pain & backache which make every position you sit or lie in uncomfortable, and am so foggy mentally that even my fiancé has begged me to ask the doc for another week off. 
My only upside is that we can finally start ttc as soon as AF is done. 
Any one else out here has a roughe month? Cos you are not alone!