BFF Is Pregnant, I'm TTC

So my BFF has been married and TTC  for over a year, they had a really hard time and she just got her BFP. I am SO HAPPY for her! My husband and I have just started TTC and, while we may be wrong, we hope we will have an easier go of it from family history. My question is: if I get a BFP, how would you feel in my BFF's shoes? I don't want to steal her spotlight or anything, but I so badly want to get pregnant and I would LOVE to share the experience with her as an added bonus. I know any real BFF would be happy for me, but I could totally understand if she felt robbed of the spotlight. She knows I'm TTC but I think she may think this is just going to be "her" time since it took so long for her. I don't know. How would you feel? Anyone had to share the pregnancy spotlight?