Nauseous RANT

Ariana • I'm 20 and we're currently pregnant with baby number one. EDD October 28 2015. 😊👶✨👶🎃
This nausea is killing me I swear it makes it so hard for me to do anything and I feel like my fiancé is being an ass! I tried the Preggie pops they didn't work at all so I wanted to try the sea band but he told me no because he felt I was trying to take the easy way out and I'm pregnant I need to just deal with it. Some nerve coming from the person that doesn't have to carry the baby, doesn't have to worry about sensative boobs, constipation, frequent urination, cramps and all the other many things. It's just killing me feeling like this 85% of the day. I really have to get my hair done in the morning and I don't know how I'm going to do it I'm so nauseous right now I can't even get the strength to get up an wash and blow dry my hair. 😓😓😢😢😫😫😔😔 thanks for letting me rant ladies!