Feeling insecure around period?

Kaitlin • Wife to SB. Mommy to PB and LJ.
Hey ladies, 
I'm 22, going on 23. I was on depo and IUD's for years so I didn't have to deal with periods. I got off birth control 5 months ago and began to have regular periods 3 months ago. Where I haven't had periods in so long part of me wonders what is coming from my period/PMS or what may be something else. I have became so insecure feeling with my husband lately (sexually). I worry he doesn't want me. I had an ex boyfriend breakup with me and that was his reasoning (not being attracted to me anymore, we were 18) and suddenly I find myself terrified my husband may feel that way about me. Does PMS make you feel insecure or anxious? I'm not sure why all these thoughts and feelings are starting to creep up on me. My husband is supportive and always tells me I'm beautiful and that he loves me. So why am I flashing back to something a silly teenage ex-boyfriend aid to me? Thanks for any advice!