Okay so I got my first very very faint positive test April 25th. Picked it up on a digital the day of my missed period, April 27th. The 30th I went to the ER with what felt like gas pain and lasted for a few hours. It wasn't completely horrible.. it felt like a cyst that ruptured. My HCG levels were 113 at the ER and they found a cyst on my left ovary and a small amount of fluid in the cul de sac. They couldn't rule out ectopic so they made me follow up with my doc two days later to make sure my levels doubled. They were 252 on May 2nd. Two days later May 4th, I went for blood work and an ultrasound and it was 564 and my progesterone was 9.3. I did start 200mg of progesterone a day. We didn't see anything on ultrasound other than the fluid and a cyst. My doctor said she didn't see any red flags of ectopic or miscarriage but she said at this point it could go either way. This could end up being a healthy pregnancy or it could end in a miscarriage. (At this point she didn't know my levels have doubled up again) 

So hcg when I was

4 weeks 3 days- 114

4 weeks 5 days- 252

5 weeks exactly-564 

Does this sound okay to you guys or too much on the low side? I feel like I could have ovulated later but I'm not sure.