"She Should Get A Little White Girl"..🤦🏼‍♀️

I'm gonna try to keep this short, but I just had to vent about it. My daughters bday was the 1st so she had bday money to spend. She wanted to go to ToysRUs but I needed groceries (...& frankly I'm cheap, lol)  so we went to Walmart instead. So she's taking forever looking at the dolls (as 6 year old girls do), when this little old employee lady walks over to us. She asked what we were doing, I told her. She backs up some and we continue looking. My girl picks what she wants, and within not even 10 seconds, the woman walks back over and says, "did ya see all these other ones??" *points to the white dolls* My daughter looks up at me with eyes like she was doing something wrong. I sorta just smiled and ignored the woman. We start looking at the clothes for the doll she picked, and the woman WALKS UP TO US AGAIN AND HAS A WHITE, DANCE BARBIE IN HER HAND SHOWING MY DAUGHTER. She says "what about this one?!" I was getting irritated at this point and said "thank you but I think we've got the Barbie covered-- just looking for some extra clothes for her.." This woman had the nerve to say "but wouldn't she rather have one like her?" With this smile on her face that I wanted to just slap right the hell off. My daughter, being the outspoken little thing she is, says "I already have all those. I need more people for my other families." This old hag says back to her, "but look how pretty these ones are!!" *points back to the white barbies* My girl ignored her, I couldn't. I said "do you not like the fact that she'd prefer a black Barbie over a white one..? She's already explained to you why that's the one she wants." This bitch starts walking away and "under her breath" (aka intentionally loud enough so I could hear it) says "it's the parents job to make sure their kids know what's right." 😳 Now, I wanted to just run up behind her and jump the bitch, but instead I grabbed my daughters hand, took the Barbie, walked the direction the woman went, went up to the other employee she was standing next to at this point, and handed them the Barbie. I told her (employee #2) "not sure where you want this, but evidently according to this lady here, it doesn't belong in the hands of my daughter, so you can have this back & we're just gonna go somewhere else." As we walked away employee #2 tried to ask me what happened and all I could do was yell back "you're gonna have to ask her." I've never in my life had that happen & frankly it left me disgusted. I was so sad for my little girl who has never seen color, never been told she "can't buy a doll unless it's her skin tone", nothing even remotely close to any of that. Thinking about it after the fact there's so many other things I wish I would've said, but I was just so lost for words and caught off guard. 
When we got in the car and started heading to the other store (ToysRUs...😒) my daughter was quiet for a while before saying "why didn't that lady think my Barbie was pretty...?" I didn't want to have that convo with her yet-- she's still so sweet and pure and innocent. But I felt like it was a perfect time. She understood (as much as a 6 year old can), and it made her sad, which made me sad for her. This world is insane and makes my heart hurt for the children who have to grow up in it. Sorry this is so long-- had to get it all out before I flip out. Lol.