Sibling Rivalry With Having Kids.

Jessica • Happily married to my best friend and welcomed our first baby in July 2014!
I am 1 of 5 girls in my family. I am the 2nd oldest. I've never been close to any of my sisters, nor has there ever been any real competition between any of us, especially with my older sister and I, we are 2 years apart.
My sister got married in 2008 and of course the baby question started right away. I was in my mid 20s and no where near finding a husband let alone having kids, so the fact that she got married and was potentially going to start a family didn't bother me. Fast forward 4 years and I reconnected with an old high school boyfriend. We started dating again and 2 years later we decided to get married. The question of kids comes up numerous times during family get togethers and my sister and her husband had always been adamant that they did not want kids. After my husband and I got married we started trying to have a baby right away 2 months of trying we found out we were pregnant. Sadly that pregnancy ended in a still birth at 20 weeks. While I was in the hospital my sister and her husband came up to see me and my sisters husband kept telling me and my other family members that since my baby didn't survive they needed to start trying right away so they could have the first grandchild in the family. My husband and I decided to try again right away and 3 months later found out we were pregnant again. But this time the pregnancy ended in emergency surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy and my burst tube. 6 weeks after the surgery at a family gathering my sister maliciously announced she was pregnant (not going to get into details but the way she did it was to intentionally rub it in my face). Since then I have not spoken to my sister. She had a girl in November of 2013. That same month I found out I was pregnant with my rainbow baby. When my sister and her husband found out we were having a boy they were jealous and upset (I have no brothers, just sisters, so having a boy in the family ment everything to my dad. I had my son in July of 2014. After this my brother in law told the family that they better start trying for number 2 before we did. And sure enough my sister is pregnant and due around my sons 1st birthday.
I am sad that this is what my relationship has turned into with my sister. She never used to be like this. Her relationship with her husband is that she is the submissive house wife and mom. She's not allowed to have a job outside the home. If we are in the same room at a family gathering they don't even acknowledge we are there . I know she knows that everything that has happened is wrong, as we weren't raised in the manner she is behaving. But I am very hurt over her and her husband's actions, especially after the loss of my first and second pregnancy. I don't know why they are acting this way towards my husband and I.