I am only allowed 2 ultrasounds for my pregnancy. WTH?!

First of all, after my first appointment they forgot to schedule my next one. I called severally but they kept telling me they'll have someone give me a call. I got no call! I sent about 2 emails asking when my next appointment is about 3 weeks prior to the week i knew my appt was supposed to be. Nurse told me she was going to have someone call me. I told her, "please have her leave a message if I don't pick up" Cos I have been having issues with my phone. I never got any! So I finally get to schedule my next appt at 20 weeks and they tell me I past due the time frame for genetic screenings. ... at this point, I'm losing it! Now I ask to get an ultrasound and they tell me I'm only allowed 2 ultrasounds bcos of my insurance (medicaid)! REALLY! ? I had one done at 17 weeks and they told me they couldn't tell the gender! Wow ! I mean how? Anybody has a similar experience? Or can suggest a way out of this mess?