Help choosing a start date??


Hey guys, need some opinions. Lots of variables but maybe I'm over complicating because I'm too close.. please let me know what you would do, I'm worried about stress impacting success but also running out of insurance.

I started spotting a bit last night so days may change slightly. The doctor has told us that we can start on either day 2 or 21. Based on what I saw online it's about 30 days meds before transfer then the TWW. Here are the variables. My last day at work is May 31st. My husbands last day is July 23rd. I will have insurance up until that point and we are able to reimburse a lot of the <a href="">IVF</a> related expenses. We are shipping our furniture and cats to Canada week of June 18th and moving to my brother-in-laws place for the remainder of our time in Dubai (he and his family will be in Jordan). We will also travel to Jordan around the end of July and then on to Canada around the 3rd week of August. We have 3 frozen embryos, 1 excellent and growing well, 1 that looked excellent but had slowed in development and 1 good. We would transfer 2 embryos if they defrosted well and were ok post PGD. Still not sure if we'd be able to do a 2nd cycle.. 

To summarize:

May 31 - my last day of work

June 18-21 -Ship our stuff/move to BIL's 

July 23 - DH's last day, no more insurance

July 24-30 - Leave to Jordan

August 15-21 - Leave for Canada

Here are the options:

Option 1 - Start May 11, Transfer June 9

Option 2 - Starr May 30,  Transfer June 29

Option 3 - Start June 9, Transfer July 9

What would you guys do?