I give all of you ladies a clap πŸ‘

Adriana β€’
I just wanted to give everyone on here respect!! Especially women ttc and have been trying for months and even years.
This is my first month trying and I have an irregular cycle.. I think I ovulated the 26th (not sure though)Β 
I checked my cm last night and it was thick and sticky and I had a tiny bit of blood on my finger when I took it out.. So now I'm stressing period or implantation! Hoping for implantation, but if it's period then drop already and stop playing games!! Lol! When I wipe its very light pink. Who knows!!! 😩Just wanted to give respect to women who do this for months even years!!! I have been totally crazy this past month and it's only the first month trying. I can't imagine doing this every month. Ill need to go into a crazy home lol