I can't believe I'm even debating this right now, our generation was so widely circumcised I never thought twice, just it's a sucky thing you gotta do. Mostly I considered the social and cleanliness aspects. Now at 30 weeks my birth class hit me with some facts and I'm seriously reconsidering. 
1. Circumcisions became widespread in non religious contexts to try and make boys less horny/sex less satisfying 
2. At birth the foreskin is fused to the penis and removing it is similar to removing a fingernail
3. To clean they just need to pull the skin back and rinse, no intense process 
4. Pain/trauma interferes with critical bonding period
5. Erectile dysfunction is basically nonexistent in European countries where circumcision is uncommon 
Circumcision is becoming less popular so it seems the social aspect may be less and less of a big deal. What are your thoughts? Are you or aren't you and why? Help!