Is He Stupid Or What !! ๐Ÿ˜’ Rant !

I've posted something similar to this before idk if anyone remembers .ย 
So , my boyfriend and I used to rent a room in the back of his parents house and right now were living in a room in the back of my parents house .ย 
I'm not working right now because i'm due in 3 weeks and we don't have enough money to rent an apartment yet but the thing is i'm happy here at my parents . We have no problems !ย 
At his parents we never had our own privacy, even if we locked the doors his mom would unlock it and come in when we werent home. His lil brothers were always in the room -.- His mom would talk shit telling me the room was dirty, to wash our plates blah blah . When i'd clean almost daily. His parents wouldnt talk to him or I unless they needed a favor like to babysit their kids and alot of times they would just leave them without asking us if we had any plans or if we could watch them. His parents never helped him out when he needed money it was always my parents that helped him. His mom would get mad when wed take ONE roll of toilet paper. When we took ONE plate one fork , she would come in the room and just take it, we had nothing at the time. She got pissed that her husband was doing the dishes once and told me that I had to do them and help her cook when my bf and I never even ate there. Here at my moms, we have our privacy my mom hasnt stepped foot in our room. We buy and make our own food but my mom still offers, and helps sometimes when we need money for something. Okay so basically im annoyed because my bfs parents kicked us out and they keep calling him asking him if hes going to move back and he says " yes" like do his parents really think its that easy to be moving all our shit. And they make it seem as if they're only asking him to move back. I know he wont leave me or his baby but its so annoying how he says yes like no were not fucking moving back im glad im away from yall โœŒ๏ธ