I'm a little blown away. Input please?!?

So I'm 8w, 6d with my 3rd pregnancy. I have a son and daughter. With both kids I immediately 'knew' the sex of each. I did the ring test with my daughter just playing around, it repeatedly said girl and never boy. With this pregnancy right from day one of knowing (a little over a month now) I've felt I'm carrying twins, a boy and a girl. My belly has gotten bigger, much faster than I would expect, I'm more tired than I've ever been with my other 2, constantly hungry....all possible indications. The other day at work, again playing around, I decided to do the ring test using available comparable office supplies (a cut rubber band and a large paper clip, like the kind you squeeze open). I started with my left hand and immediately the clip began moving in a circle. I thought hmm, ok I'll try my right hand. I switched hands and the clip immediately moved back and forth in a straight line. I thought ok, 50/50. I repeated the test with each hand again, receiving the same results. I concluded (because I'm ridiculously superstitious and because it's soooo scientific!), I AM pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl. Because it was a girl with my left, the girl is on the left. Because it was a boy with my right, the boy is on the right. Later that day my husband stopped into my office and of course, I had to share my experience!! I did the test again to show him and AGAIN got the SAME results!! I decided tonight to google the Ramzi theory that I keep hearing about, because I've never heard of it. This is where the crazy part to me happens....boys are on the right and girls are on the left!!! My first doctor appt is this coming Monday and I know and ultrasound is the only sure fire way to know for sure but I'm super energized by this new info and wanted some input!! Please?!?