Husband picked names for our child.


My DH gets to pick out our baby's name this time around. I picked out first. We should be getting the results within a week or so.

The girl name I love, if we have a girl it would be Penelope Jane Green

For a boy I'm not so excited about what he picked. For a boy it would be Robyn J/Jay Green.

I keep thinking of names they would call our child. Lol. And it is a little funny.

Can I get your opinion ladies, it would much appreciated. TIA

Update: we found out it's a girl. And her name is Penelope Jane. I'm in love with her name. I cannot wait to see her. My husband was still wanting robben for a boy but I'm so glad it's a girl. Hahaha..... Maybe next time. Or not. Thank you ladies for your opinions. You all basically agreed not a name for a boy.