Boyfriend wont ask me to prom

A while ago my boyfriend suggested we go to prom with his friends instead of a couple... I agreed but I felt crushed. He never does sacrifices like this but he will for his friends. Because they're sos are in college, his friends won't have a date so my boyfriend offered them to be a huge group instead of couples.... I told him I'd rather not go and he said it was fine. I'm really hurt. We've been together for a year and he doesn't treat me as good as his friends. I brought this up to him and he said I was exaggerating so I dropped it. We only have one opportunity to go to prom and he'd never want to go with me and his friends because hell only pay attention to his friends.

I'm not a party person and I wanted to go because I thought it was going to be intimate between him and me because we rarely have those moments but now its not.. I don't know what to do I know its only prom but its our senior year