How do you feel about open adoption?

I've heard people say that it's great when the birth parents want to be involved because it's just more people to love their child.

I've heard other people say it's not right for the birth parents to be involved because they have no responsibility, so they shouldn't get to come over for play time.

I tend to side with the second opinion, just because if I were to personally adopt, I wouldn't like the birth parents being able to have that relationship with MY child when they gave them up.

I'd be ok with the child meeting their birth parents when they got older and started having questions, but to be involved their whole life? Idk...if you want to be involved as a parent figure, you shouldn't have given up the baby. I just don't see it as fair to the adoptive parents who sacrifice, care for, provide for, and love that child the most. But maybe that's a wrong opinion to have! I've never been in that position. What do you think?

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