Gettin pg after numerous of fake pregnancies

Maranda • Married mother of 3 beautiful children.
Well my husband and I have been tryin 2 conceive since March of last yr wit no success. I've taken numerous of pg tests and they always came bck negative and I did the ovulation tests 4 2 months and kept gettin the same results (almost at peak) or it would say close 2 ovulating. I've had numerous of fake pregnancies and have had 1 miscarriage and 1 successful child. It's been 6 yrs b4 me since my husband had sex. And the last child he had is now 11 yrs old and we dk wat 2 do. I was told I should get on pills 2 regulate my periods but I'm sick of takin pills in general. Done it most of my life dnt wanna do it no more. Wat should I do? Should I get the pill 2 help regulate my periods and go that rout? Idk. I'm lost 4 words honestly. I'm lost on ideas also.