Vent/How do I deal with my mom

Jenna • 20, single, FTM. Baby boy due 10/24💙
Here's a little background. My name is Jenna. I just turned 20 and I'm a massage therapist in colorado. I was in an accident at a very young age and have an estate account that helps me out with rent when I need it.. But I work hard. I never want to feel like I'm living because I was injured at a young age. I started massage school at 18 and became a certified neuromuscular therapist and work 5 days a week. It goes without saying but I feel a lot older than 20. I moved an hour away from my family and got a place and work farther north. I met a guy and we started dating. 2 months later I found out I was pregnant. Shocked. Overjoyed. Overwhelmed. He's being really supportive.. Which is good. My main fear is my mother. As she will feel as if my whole life is ruined and that I'll never make it anywhere. Emotionally I just don't have the energy and I haven't told her yet. I already know this is the biggest disappointment to her and I can't stand to hear that right now. I'm doing pretty well for someone my age. But feel like I couldn't have possibly failed her more than this. I don't know what to do or how to handle the situation. One day at a time I suppose.