Felt like complaining , sorry lol😩

Amiee • #1 Jordyn 03/14/15 #2 Nasir 02/21/18
My body is tired , I'm freaking hot and thirsty nothing fits anymore , I feel fat and ugly , everything hurts , I want my boyfriend (he's away) , I wanna cry , I'm annoying myself by all my complaining like I'm just really over this 😩😩, I can't do this ever again in my life I'm miserable please God bring on labor I'm tired of waddling and walking in misery to the bathroom every 5 mins to pee 😒😒 , and I really shouldn't be complaining because this pregnancy is truly a blessing for me 😩 and making it to 38 weeks and 2 days is even more of a blessing but I'm tired I feel I can't go on anymore lol