No grandparents or potentially rude grandparents

I have not spoken to my parents for about 5 years now. I thought I would never speak to them again. But now I'm 31 weeks pregnant and sort of sad for my son. He won't have any grandparents. Not even one. I assume my parents would not want to talk to me or see me, but I'm thinking about reaching out and telling them I'm pregnant if they will even take my call. I don't know if I want to risk introducing him and having them be terrible and mistreat him, or if I should just forget about it and not worry about his lack of grandparents. My parents are the typical rich couple who are just concerned about looking perfect. They kicked me out when I was 14 because I was experiencing mental health problems. I kind of am hoping they have changed or something but it's not likely I guess. I'm just not sure if I should try calling them or driving by to see if they still live at the same place. How bad is it to have zero grandparents?