Short Cervix AND Braxton Hicks?

Currently 24w3d with di/di twin girls.  Everything has been going well so far (history of previous 1st trimester miscarriages and had a uterine septum removal surgery last year). 
My cervix has never been long during this pregnancy but was always around 3cm.  Went in on Monday this week and it had shortened to 2.3cm with a small amount of funneling.  Doctor put me off work but said I wasn't required to be on strict bed rest.  Started progesterone suppositories as well. 
The last two days however I've noticed I'm having Braxton Hicks somewhat frequently in he afternoon between my progesterone dosages.  I've not had more than 6/7 in an hour and they aren't painful, just a tightening/hardening of my stomach for 30-60 seconds.  No bleeding or increase in CM.  
Should the addition of the BH with the recent short cervix diagnosis concern me? Wondering if I should message my doctor tomorrow on his cell or wait til my appt on Tuesday?
Thanks for reading!