what are the chances....

Okay, so....I'm wondering if I should even take a pregnancy test or not. I'm 2 weeks late. I've been fairly moody/emotional the last few weeks and was sick a couple weeks ago (no throwing up or anything serious)...just headaches, fatigued and upset stomach. That stopped after about 4 days. Haven't experienced anything since then. I've had some cramps, but no AF
Today, I felt a little...wet down there. I went and clean up and noticed that the fluid I cleaned off was a very light pink/light brown in color & slimey. Never seen that before....lol. I haven't been any more stressed than my normal levels & the last 2 years, my period has been fairly regular; rarely have been more than 4-5 days later than expected....should I wait this out a bit longer or test? 
Me and hubby have been TTC, but only Baby danced 2 times during my fertile window...feel like chances of me getting a bfp are low here. But figured I'd get some opinions! 
Thanks for your input!! 💜