early pregnancy spotting

Okay, so this would be my second pregnancy. With my first, I remember thinking I had started and that I was out for the month. But it was really just spotting and I tested a day or so after and got a very distinct positive. I'm assuming that was implantation bleeding/spotting. This time around, I tested after being 1 day late and got what I thought was a vvvfl in the afternoon so I took a different test a couple hours later and got another vvvfl. I tested again the next morning and got what looked like a vvvfl. Today at 3 days late, I am having some spotting but only when I wipe. I'm not sure I'd describe what I'm feeling as cramps because it doesn't really feel the way it does when I'm on my period but I definitely feel something. I'm waiting to test in the morning to see if a line is still there. My nurse said I could come in Monday for blood work if the lines were still iffy but now with spotting I'm terrified I could be losing this baby we just made. Sorry this is so long but if anyone has experienced anything similar or has any information or advice it would be greatly appreciated! Waiting through the weekend to get some answers and peace of mind is killing me 😔