What's going on???

My spouse and I have been TTC for about 8 months now. Recently my period was late 4 days and prior to that I was incredibly nauseous and had diarrhea for 5 days which never happens before AF arrives. Also all the time before AF my Boobs hurt SO much and that's how I know it's coming but this time was different. No pain at all in my boobs. I took a test and it appeared negative so I walked away and came back an hour later and there was two lines. I understand this was probably an evaporation line so I didn't get too excited although my spouse was over the moon excited. That night I got AF but it wasn't normal at all. It was pink and gooey. Following day a little heavier and third day gone. I waited for a week before taking a digital pregnancy test which stated to my dismay "Not pregnant". This was last week. Two days ago, I wiped after going to the bathroom and there was one single tiny red dot on the toilet paper. What could this be?? I have an appointment with the obgyn on the 23rd but I'm kinda worried because I feel discomfort sometimes down there. Please any insight would be appreciated.