27 weeks and feeling less movement

Myself and my hubby have been feeling our little guy kick hard sense 20 weeks. This is my second baby by the way. For the last month he has been moving so much my stomach is jumping around at least every couple hours for 30 to 40 minutes at a time. Well all day yesterday he hardly moved at all but it didn't worry me till i went to lay down last night. I do my kick counts around 9 because that is when he really becomes super active. I laid down and he still wasn't moving. So i drank some orange juice and ate some peanut butter crackers walked around for a minute. Still nothing. So i called the doctors on call service and they told me to eat a candy bar and see if he wakes up and moves a little if he does then he's ok. After 2 hours he finally moved 2 times. But this morning he still hasn't moved anymore. Its so not his normal. Should i be worried and call my doctor again to get checked? Or could it just be a growing spurt?