Partner doesn't want our baby

Hi ladies,
I found out on Monday that I am coming up to 4 weeks pregnant.
My partner and I have always talked about a family and so I didn't expect him to react in the way he has. We live together but haven't got our own property and aren't engaged. 
We weren't trying and this has happened when I became ill and didn't think to take extra procaution while abroad. 
He has basically said we can't financially afford to keep the baby, and he thinks if we do it will tear us apart. 
I personally want to keep the baby, although it haven't specifically told him that, but I agree with him that we will financially struggle. If I get a termination, it will be because he wants me to. 
Whatever I do, I'm terrified he will leave me. Above everything I don't want to lose the person I see my future with. 
Feeling very alone and terrified of making the wrong decision. Does anyone have any advise?