First appointment questions.

Carley • Let`s do this! :)

Ok, let me explain my situation. At the moment I'm 10w2d pregnant. Back in the beginning of February I went to the doctor. I thought I'd have blood work done to confirm but that's not how my doctor rolls. Anyway, at that appointment I got lots of papers to take home and read and talked about family medical histories and how I was doing so far at that moment.

Fastforward to this coming Wednesday. I'll be exactly 11w. I was told this appointment I'll hear the heartbeat and have a physical exam. I guess my question would be, would you count this as my first real appointment? Also, I'm just wondering since my next appoint isn't till mid April (I think I'll be around 16w and was told I'll be meeting my doctor(s) ) do you think they'll do an ultrasound, and if so, do you think it'll be abdominal or transvaginal?

**I realize ever doctor's office is different but I'd just like your thoughts and opinions. I'm so lost when it comes to this stuff. Yay being a ftm.