Lack of sex education (not a rude/mocking post!)


Ok, let me preface this by saying that in no way shape or form do I mean any disrespect to anybody. Props to the women that ask questions about things they do not understand, that's how we all learn. I do not judge people for the things they don't know. This post is about education not about individuals.

Now... Does anyone else get a little disturbed sometimes by the amount of posts that reflect a complete lack of sex education? I'm in my 30s so it's been a long time for me.... Is sex-ed not taught in every school? Or do you think maybe it's simply forgotten by the time men and women become sexually active?

It really reinforces to me that when my son gets older, it's on me and my husband to make sure that he knows what's what and acts like a responsible man so he can protect himself and any women he's with.

And to the ladies that mock the girls who ask the "stupid" sex questions, let's educate instead of berate. If someone doesn't understand that precum has sperm in it, let's explain that so that girl is better armed next time. So she'll be one more mother able to educate her children.