baby has put fiancé off another

Michelle 🇬🇧
Our son is 11wks old and to date has been an awkward baby. He has colic and has screamed blue murder for hrs come 6pm, feeds every 3 hrs, is whiny, still night feeds, has a milk allergy which took the docs 7 wks to sort out with 7 different milk changes (including breast milk)  and he's 'high maintenance' like he's not happy to sit in one place for long he likes to be on the move. He's my fiancés first baby at 41 and he wanted 2. He's my 4th and I knew what was coming lol. My fiancé has now said I can't do this again, it's too exhausting. I told him all babies are different and the next maybe a lot easier. He said or alot worse. I'm too old love I just can't cope with doing this again and your body needs at least a years break after what you went through and I'll be at least 43 by the time we have another. I'm a little sad by this, I had geared myself up for one last baby and now that's gone. I do have 4 so I'll be fine to stop if I have too. But such a shame the reason we're stopping is because our baby has got so many issues. He's a definite handful. Anyone else's partner realising this baby business is no joke and reconsidering having another?