Polygamy/polyandry/polygyny: Legally feasible following gay marriage movement?


Polygamy: legal marriage to more than one spouse. Polygyny: marriage of one man to multiple women. Polyandry: marriage of one woman to multiple men.

With the trend for marriage equality gaining legal ground across the U.S. and in other Western cultures, many polyamorous and non-monogamous advocates are beginning to argue for the legal right to marry more than one spouse.

This is not a new concept: Mormons are infamous for practicing polygyny, and there are cultures in India and Nepal that still practice polyandry. It had been proposed as a solution to overpopulation and is also supported by proponents of returning to village-style child rearing. And keep in mind, legal protections would be in place to prevent abuse of any spouses.

As a polyamorous woman, I'll admit that true marriage equality is quite the fantasy: to be able to marry whomever I love, to enjoy the legal benefits of being able to truly create the family of my dreams with the men I love.

But is it even feasible?

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