So emotional today šŸ˜¢

I'm so emotional today I can't stop crying. I'm 33+ weeks pregnant with #2 and feel like crap. It's Mother's Day today in the UK and my daughter who is 4 in two days made me a lovely Mother's Day card at nursery and I cried when she gave it me. The fact she hid it her self and remembered to give it me on the right day made it even more special. My hubby of 6 years never gets me nothing on her behalf he just isn't into gifts or special days im used to that but still I cried over it that I didn't get flowers. Then he asked where his mums Mother's Day stuff was to take to her now and that made me cry because I always make the effort of special days but never get it in return by none of his family. I then cried because his car is in the garage getting fixed and we can't get anywhere to go get our daughters birthday stuff like cake and banners for Tuesday even though I could go to another shop but I really wanted to go asda (local shopping place) so I cried again. Then I cried because his family had to ask if our daughters bday is Monday or Tuesday and what does she want because when it's my hubby's sisters sons bday (he is 3) they NEVER forget and its planned months in advance and also a massive cake is always bought and gifts bought months before but our daughter gets nothing like that. So Yeh it's just gone dinner and ive been crying since 8am.Ā 
Rant over sorry .Ā