help. breast problems. tmi.

Hi. So lately I've been noticing one of my breasts is a lot larger than the other one, it all started from when i got my nipples pierced I suffered from an infection mastitis and the lady doctor gave me a exam and said there's an infection from the piercings and have me penicillin based antibiotics which I can't take so I went back and asked for different antibiotics but the male doctor I seen was a different one from the first time I went and told me I don't need medication and there's no infection ( he didn't even do an exam and he seemed like he had no care for the situation) . My nipples have still been painful and so have my breasts. Could this size difference be due to the infection never going away? My breast tissue is hard and thick and it hurts. I'm going to the doctors next week and I'm just super worried , there isn't any lumps there at all just the piercing pain and sizing difference, BTW. My boobs have ALWAYS been the same size before hand.