Any Clomid Cycle Buddies out there?

Rebecca • Becca🌹

Hey my name is Rebecca. Im 21 years old and living in Georgia. I have a wonderful husband and a beautiful one year old daughter. This will be my 2nd round on clomid (50mg). Starting on my 5th day. Fixing to start and could really use a cycle buddy to help me get through this month. Last month was really fustrating having to wait and wait...and then get a BFN. Baby dust to all of us!

The doctor said that clomid wont work...unless we follow the directions. He said start clomid on the 5th day of your period. Do not have sex whime taking clomid...and when im done taking clomid do not have sex for ANOTHER 5 days. Then for the next 5 days have as much sex as possible. .....idk about yall but 10 days without sex is going to be ROUGH! Hahaha😂😭😪 last month we had sex the ENTIRE 10 days and then didnt have sex for 2 days while i was ovulating. Lol no wonder i didnt get preggers.