Husband just doesn't understand.

Sarah • First time mom - Emma Michelle is due on January 1st 💗💗💗
When we first found out that I'm pregnant my husband was amazing. He rubbed my belly, talked to it, helped with supper when I wasn't feeling well and was by my side when I was sick. I've been pretty sick the entire time so far.  I'm almost 11 weeks now and he blew up at me this morning saying I've become lazy and only care about myself lately. He made comments that I don't cook or clean much anymore and that when I do cook I only think of myself. I will fully admit, I have been cooking what I want because I feel so sick and can only eat certain things. I smell one "wrong" thing and I'm in the bathroom. When it comes to cleaning, I will also admit I've been lacking. I work 40 plus hours a week and when I get home I'm exhausted. I'm even fighting sleep on my 15 min drive home. They say the first trimester is the hardest. How do I help him understand I'm really not trying to be this way. This is our first child. Help!