rough few weeks

So I really don't know what I was expecting when I got pregnant, I'm 19, a FTM, and Iv wanted kids since I was little! The first 6 weeks were a breeze. Honestly if I didn't have sore breasts I wouldn't have even known I was expecting. However as SOON as I hit 6.5 weeks everything hit me.. I'm in constant pain, can't keep anything down no matter how hard I try, I cannot stop throwing up, I can't be in a car for more than 5 minutes (barely) without getting sick,  the smell of just about everything makes me sick and EVERYTHING HURTS! I feel like a terribly mom because I KNOW I HAVE to eat for the baby, but I literally bawl and cry every time I eat because my stomach hurts so bad.. I'm so weak and lost and I don't know what to do.. will this ever get better? It's been alost 2 weeks and I literally have no energy anymore.. 😭