horrible breakup

Hi ladies. I'm sort of searching for advice on here. My boyfriend and I broke up in December but we would still talk and try to stay friends (first mistake). We thought we were different and since we were amicable that it would work out. Anyway, I've been feeling really sad and lonely and missing him a lot lately when the texting got less and less and I've been going to therapy and one of her best pieces of advice was to write a letter. I wrote a long ass letter apologizing for things I did wrong, how great he was to me and how I would be open to reconcile. Basically got back a rejection saying he appreciates it and it's nice but when he doesn't text me it's because he doesn't  want to give me false hope because he doesn't know where his heart lies and he's just soul searching and doing him. It was a lot of generic bullshit imo. So now I think he is moving on probably already talking to another girl and I'm left feeling gutted. I feel so sad that he doesn't want me back but I don't want to be pathetic and beg. I said everything I could in that letter. I fee truly hopeless. He was the sweetest man in the world and I just figured there was more out there after a 7 year high school to college relationship. I dated him since I was 16, he's the only person I've ever had sex with and was my first everything. Our biggest issue is that he wouldn't want to leave our hometown and I wanted to get out and experience life. Now I'm seeing that he does want to travel and do more and I'm like but wait that's what I wanted.... lol I sound like a total nutcase but any feedback on how to get over a gut wrenching breakup that will help me get out of bed is very appreciated