DNA test???


My husband wants to have a DNA test done on our son and I'm kind of offended. Hes the only person I have ever slept with. Hes willimg to pay that ridiculous price to have it done for it to tell him the exact thing I know is true. Its his baby. He says its to quiet peers when they ask but it hurts my feelings. Am I over reacting?

UPDATEEEE*** so we did the test and of course he's the father. Duh. I knew that lol but he said he felt really horrible and it turns out that it was his mother trying to convince him to leave me because she didn't think he was the dad. She has been trying to split us up for years now and that was her last ditch effort to try and make him leave me. For those of you that also read my post about him cheating, I really should have checked the dates on those text messages because they were very old and from before we started dating. But anyways, things have since cleared up and he's acting the way he did when we first got together, very kind and sweet. He's excited for the baby. Thanks to everyone that tried to give me advice. Y'all are awesome.