desperate. need advice.

I'm in a sticky and terrible situation. I love my boyfriend to death and I want to be with him. But I cannot stand to live at his parents house anymore. 
Just found out we had bed bugs and I'm the only one getting eaten alive. His parents don't seem to care enough to call the landlord. Not only that but the house is so damn hot (30 degrees c at some points) and the landlords won't turn the heat down. They're constantly smoking weed and cigarettes in the house.
His parents are broke so we're always handing over money that we don't have. We both work but we don't make enough to support everyone and I don't think we should have to. 
I'm 9+ weeks and we need to be saving for the baby. We don't have nearly enough to get our own place and I'm just in a desperate situation. Constantly uncomfortable and upset and I don't need this stress. There are 5 ppl in a small one br and I can't do it anymore. 
I don't even know what is available to us right now but I need out. What do I do?