Phantom pregnancy?


I was wondering if I could be having a phantom pregnancy, I have had positive tests my most recent being last week on Thursday. I haven't had any ultrasounds done. The problem is the fact that the doctors office can't confirm that I am because their tests keep coming back negative. The prenatal doc palpated my stomach when I believe I would've been 13 weeks and made this odd facial expression 😅, and ordered another urine test. That came up negative so they had me put on the pill. Fast forward to three weeks later and im still having symptoms. The doctor palpated me then and said she couldn't feel my uterus growing. I asked what could be causing the home pregnancy tests to turn up positive and cause me to have lighter/missed periods for 4 months if I'm not and she suggested that it might be a thyroid problem because sometimes they do that?

The blood tests came back clear. On the 6th i had pinkish/dark red light bleeding and i started passing blood clots/old blood which is really unusual. The bleeding didn't get any heavier and dwindled down to red spotting. It came earlier than what was expected and just felt weird because I would keep gagging on everything (i still am just not as bad) so i decided to take another test and the faint + popped up instantly:/ its really confusing because my body is screaming IM PREGNANT but the doctor is saying no. Its been having me in an emotional roller coaster and im just wondering if phantom pregnancies can cause this? Im not TTC but the idea of kids doesnt horrify me and im 18 :/