Should prisoners be given access to [sexual] protection?


Sex in prison happens, but it's not like Orange is the New Black. Regardless of the policies against sexual relations in prisons it still happens between prisoners and guards both.

BC or other protections aren't given because "to give it out is to condone it". And we're talking about a situation where menstrual products and meds to treat yeast infection aren't easily obtainable when proven needed. So even women who require BC to regulate their periods may not have access to it after arriving at a facility.

Regardless of tight regulations, sex still happens. Disease is still spreads, and sometimes people are raped or even fall pregnant (usually from via male gaurds). Though most sexual encounters are quick consensual clothes-mostly-on affairs (or so I read. Which makes sense to me). Those who arrive pregnant or become pregnant have their own hurdles to deal with.

☞What do you think? Should prisoners be given access to birth control/protection?

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