Long Rant. Criticism on pregnancy weight gain. Needed to vent

Ashley • AEO🎀
I will be 20 weeks on Wednesday, and I don't find anything wrong with the weight I've gained or the way I look. I've gained 17 pounds so far and all the weight has gone straight to my belly. My doctor is fine with the weight gain and says my bump is measuring completely normal, but I still can't deal with all the rude comments I get. The people around me constantly comment on my weight and what I eat. For example someone bought cookies into work and my bosses brother walked in and shoved them in my face and said "better stay away from these, or you'll get bigger and I'll have to start calling you fatty" like seriously how rude is that not to mention my boss laughs like it's no big deal or makes a comment about it herself. Or every time I am around my MIL and her bestfriend one of them has to say "looks like your getting chubby" or "oh wow you look like you've gained 20 pounds since the last time I saw you". I literally don't want to go to work anymore and half the time I refuse to go to my MILs. Not to mention all of these people are very overweight so how dare they make comments about me when I AM SUPPOSED TO BE GAINING WEIGHT! 
I'm sorry this is so long I just needed to vent.