He fell out of love with me.

Julia • 20 yrs old
The title says it all. My boyfriend and I just broke up last night and I moved out today..he told me yesterday(our anniversary) that he couldn't handle lying to me.. Part of me hopes he had cheated or done something stupid and couldn't muster the courage to tell me.. But a bottle of whiskey later he admits that he doesn't feel the spark anymore and hasn't for months. He had been pretending and lying to me since before the holidays. I am still in shock and I'm shaking as I write this but I have no friend to vent to or people to turn to. He has no explaination aside from he doesn't feel it anymore. And he apologized about a 1,000 times but gave me no other reason. I'm so confused. When we were talking he kept telling me that it wasn't my fault and how I'm wonderful and giving and lovig and amazing but he couldn't lie anymore and how he hates himself for putting me through this. I haven't stopped crying or throwing up. He was my one. And until yesterday i had no reason to suspect I wasn't his one. He talked about our future regularly and I'm just lost.. I lost my future and his family and friends which I considered my own as well. How can it go from forever to friends just like that? I wish he had cheated however horrible that is because it could have been something we could have tried to get past and worked through. But you can't fix falling out of love. I don't know where I went wrong and it kills me..