Any ladies around 29 or 30 Weeks ? How are you feeling ?

Sabrina • Mommy to a baby boy 👨and Mommy to be to a princess 🎀due may 28th ❤

I'm so curious !

How is sleep ?

If you have any little ones how is it & being pregnant ?

Any soreness around ribs ?

Heartburn ?

I'm 29 Weeks & 5 days ,

I have a one year old son .

Currently on bed rest , sleep seems to be getting difficult ! Today I guess I was too tierd that I had to wake my self up just to breath been going through a lot . Heart Burn & constipation have been Awful ,

I feel like I might start getting congestion also , I have to cough to get flemm out if feels good but feel pressure on my back . It would be nice to hear how y'all ladies are feeling ! Congrats to you all (: