Anyone has PUPPPS?!

I woke up last week with small bits all over my elbows. They looked like flea bites. So naturally I scratched them since they were ridiculously itchy. The next day I found more and more. Now it's all over my elbows, legs, stomach, feet and on my fingers. I even have some on my face. Any they don't look like flea bites anymore. They look like big red welts. And oh my goodness it's driving me crazy. My midwife said it looks like PUPPPS but women usually get it in the third trimester. I'm only 17 weeks!! If this is PUPPPS I don't know how I'm going to deal with it. It's beyond itchy and just keeps spreading every which way! 😩😩 What do you guys recommend I use to relief this itch? 
That's just a portion of what I have. It's also on my back, under my breast and begins my ears.