First off I'm asexual, I do not want to have sex. I have this coWorker I'm really interested in, I call him my friend and I'm wondering what's going on in his head. I've asked him but he won't tell me.

I know he cares but I'm wondering what I have done to get this horrible treatment from him. I've been nothing but nice to him. Invited him into my home and we've had movie nights together. Always friendly with him when hes having a bad day. Even though he told me I was creepy which has been with me since forever which really messed me up. He's rude to me. He bearly talks to me. He purposefully sit away from me. He's taking advantage of my kindness and I deserve an apology. I've seen him be nice. I know he can be. I dunno what's going on in his life but I am one of the people who he shouldn't be throwing his passive aggressive bullshit at. I've been trying to keep this as professional as possible but it seems to be just getting worse.