Stop trying to tell me when I post about being mad about my husband watching porn that it's "not a big deal"! To YOU it isn't. To ME it is!! I view it as cheating. I don't care if " he is getting off to the act" or that "he has a right to touch his own body". Yes, he has a right to his own body, but when we took our vows he picked ME not the girl or whoever is in the video he is watching. If he wanted her or something like her, he shouldn't have married me. He can touch his own body to the thought of me or what the hell ever, but he does not need to be watching strangers do something that should be private and intimate. If he wants to get off to the act he can come do the act with his WIFE! I have a right to feel comfortable in my relationship and him watching it bothers me. I would bet you he wouldn't like it if I watched it. I know my husband and I'd put money down he would be upset with me. That is an act that should be between people that love each other and not made into something for people to watch to get off on and for the other people to make money. To each their own and nothing I say or do will stop porn. But I hate that women on here put other women down for feeling like porn is a bad thing. If you and your SO are ok with watching it and it doesn't bug you, great. But stop making me feel and others feel like we are the problem. Because we are not. We are with this person to be with them, not have them want to be with others! If he wants to get off he can come and touch, look, and do whatever he wants to my body. Take pictures, video, whatever! But I should be his 1 and only like he is mine. It's called respect. And yeah, it's better than him actually cheating, but it may make it that much easier for them to actually do it. We post here for support, not to made out to be a problem. If you're ok with porn move along. We are looking for others that feel the same way we do and for help on how to handle it!

** and no, I am upset with some of the women on glow. Hence the reason for the post. I am indeed trying to work it out with my husband. But when I ask for help on how to handle it I do not need to be told to "get over it and find a way to be ok with it". I dont need to be ok with it. If you are, great. Don't tell me how I " need" to feel.