Hair controversy

Bethany • January 21, college student, part time amusement park employee/librarian. Half hippie/half gothic/punk. AC/DC rock on
Have you guys seen all the controversy about people with kinky curly hair not allowed to have their hair in its natural state?? Or even braided or dreaded?? 
I call bullshit. 
Kinky curly hair gets called dirty, unkempt, unprofessional and many other things. And that they have to relax/straighten their hair in order to comply with the rules. Like in school girls are getting suspended because they have braids with weave, or girls getting comments from school officials saying their Afro is distracting. Like how?? Not like they have a rainbow Mohawk. 
They don’t understand that braids are a way to keep kinky curly hair in good health. Not just a fashion fad. Or that natural hair is not a movement. They just don’t want chemicals in their hair anymore. 
Some of the school rules say that no one should have unnatural hair styles but kinky curly hair has to be relaxed straight. Is that not unnatural?? 
Then some crazy sounding people saying that they should abide by school rules but they make no sense for kinky curly hair. Why should they destroy their hair in order to abide by rules?? 
 The education seems to not be in schools anymore. They care too much about hair and how students dress.