Flying concerns.

Brittany • 10.21.17👨‍👩‍👧 | TTC Baby #2!
Hi ladies, I am currently 22w2d and will be flying to Kilauea, Hawaii from Columbus, Ohio when I am 25w2d and I am terrified of getting DVT. I am a nervous flier as well and so my OB did recommend wearing compression socks/stockings and to walk around quite a bit but since I am a nervous flier, I don't like getting up and walking unless it's an emergency, like I'm going to piss my pants. Is sitting there and casually bouncing my legs and stuff okay too? Like I have RLS and with anxiety I seem to bounce my legs a lot or rub my feet together so will that help with circulation? I'll be sure to also massage my legs as well and drink plenty of water. It's a 12ish hour flight there with a layover in Phoenix, Arizona (roughly 4hr flight from Columbus, Ohio) so I will definitely be walking for 2 or so hours in the middle. I just hate the idea of getting up and just strolling up and down the plane. I hate attention and I feel uncomfortable with people staring at me.