Being a young mom

So I'm not very young but I look super young. I am 19 years old in my first year of college and I found out I was pregnant during the beginning of my spring semester. I was excited and scared of what my family would do. I was afraid I would be kicked out and they would not want to be a part of my baby and my life. I was too scared to tell my mom I was pregnant so a week after I found out about my baby I asked her to take me a hospital for abdominal pain (I was really in pain and I was worried). They did some tests on me and they told me I had a cyst on my right ovary that was probably causing me pain every other period. I got sad because she didn't say anything about me being pregnant but then the doctor came back and congratulated me about my baby. I looked at my mom and whispered "please don't kill me". We walked out of the emergency room and my mom was mad but eventually she grew to love the idea of being a grandma. My family did go through a time of telling me I ruined my life and ruined theirs and occasionally they still do make me feel bad for being pregnant. Now at 24 weeks everyone is excited about my baby boy coming in October 12. There are so many things that make being a teen mom difficult. I look 15 years old or younger so people always assume I'm really young. People always ask if the father is around. Yes he's around he's been around for 4 years and we are planning to marry in the future when our son can remember being at our wedding. I don't want to marry now because people will think I did it because I got pregnant and not because I love the man I am with. I get treated differently than other pregnant woman. I am a woman even though I am young. I want respect like the other mothers. I don't want the doctors to half ass me and do more for older moms. I'm a mom too. So why do they have to treat me differently because I look young? It's hard being pregnant at this age. I cry a lot because of all the bullshit I have gone through with this pregnancy but I tell my baby boy every time I cry that I'm sorry and I love him and all I need is him.