Positive after 2 FAILED IVF


I'm 38 on July 1st. My husband is 58. We have been TTC since 2015. I had a tubal reversal in 2015, (+) pregnancy naturally only to end in a miscarriage after 6 weeks. Continued for a year with our success. In 2/2016 had an HSG and showed that my tubes were blocked from scar tissue. 3/2016 started <a href="https://glowing.com/glow-fertility-program">IVF</a>. My AMH is 5.1. I had a mock transfer and the doctor said she saw adenomyosis, a growth in the uterus that could prevent implantation. So we did the egg stimulation, 7/2016 retrieved 13 eggs, 9 mature & fertilized only 2 made it to 5day embryo. I suffered severe OHSS, and was the hospital, it was bad. I was miserable. Then late July she was to remove the mass. In the meantime I was taking some anti inflammatory vitamins. I told her before she tried to do the surgery that I didn't think that I needed her to remove any mass because nothing was there. 7/2016 late July she went in to remove the mass and nothing was there. It was completely gone. I was under general anesthesia for 20 minutes for nothing. She said she cleaned my uterus to make it better for implantation. 10/2016 we transferred the frozen embryos, only to end in miscarriage after 10 days post transfer. I was upset and angry. She only wanted money and offered no other services.

1/2017 we find another doctor/RE. 2/2017 did at in. Egg retrieval late February. 12 eggs retrieved 8 mature 6 fertilized and 2 5day embryos. Fresh transfer. I suffered OHSS again and got deathly ill. I had a miscarriage 4/11/17. Had the baby removed at the hospital. We decided to give my body a rest. And I asked the doctor could he possibly try to open my tubes more without damaging them. He said no and agreed with us taking a break. I bled fora long time after the miscarriage. I couldn't stop. I had one period at the end of May. I ovulated mid June And my husband and I baby danced.

I had been having crazy dreams, and a weird appetite and frequent urination. I was preparing to come on my period, counting the days until this Friday. So, I had to pee really bad and I was like, oh hell I got one test left, let me waste it so I won't be tempted later. I peed on the stick and saw nothing at first. I wasn't expecting anything either. I threw the test on the dresser. About 2 minutes later, I see a 2 lines. I was and still am freaking out. The line is light but it's there.,

Please moms to be, don't give up. I am nervous, but I pray this Rainbow baby stays with us. Everything happens in time.

Baby dust to everyone😁